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3 Ways Recovery Changed My Life

1) I am no longer obsessed with food. My every waking moment used to be spent thinking about food. Planning what I would eat. Pursuing food. Scouring the internet for recipes. Calculating calories.Now when I wake up in the morning food is not the first thing I think of. I think about the day ahead and what I will do and people I will talk to. It is so freeing not to have the weight of food thoughts on my mind constantly. 2) I appreciate my success. Before recovery nothing was ever good enough. I never lost enough weight, I never had the right size jeans. I never liked pictures of myself. I was never satisfied and could not appreciate any accomplishment. Now I am content and I can recognize that I have done something a lot of people haven't done. No, it isn't the weight's keeping it off AND being content with where I am. I am not the thinnest I have ever been, I do not have that 'perfect' body I always wanted ..... and that is okay with me. What I have done is enough. I am healed and I wear healing better than I wear any pair of jeans. 3) I get to help others. When I set out to lose weight I never imagined freedom, healing, and contentment. I didn't set out to help others, it was all about me and wanting to be thin and feel better about myself. What I discovered was that when I finally found true freedom I desperately wanted others to experience the same freedom. My journey led to a new career for me and I have never felt as passionate and fulfilled with a "job" as I do now. I am living my purpose.

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