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3 Ways to Level Up Your Keto

Bring Your Keto Protocol from Good to Optimal

You’ve been keto for a while and you’re frustrated with the results, lack thereof, or the pace of your results. So what do you do? There could be things you’re doing that are unknowingly hindering your progress.

1) You’ve been counting net carbs. For some that’s good, but counting total carbs is optimal. All fiber is not created equal and counting net carbs on low-carb convenience and junk food has the potential to delay your progress.

2) Certain sweeteners are okay, but if you’re insulin resistant no sweeteners is optimal. Plus, they are a slippery slope and could cause you to feel pseudo hunger or have cravings for more sweet tasting things. Make a plan to go 30 days with nothing that tastes sweet and see what happens.

3) You exercise, but you only do cardio. Cardio is good and you may think it’s fun, but resistance/weight training is optimal. It increases your BMR, maintains/builds muscle, increases your strength, and improves your insulin sensitivity.

If you’ve been stalled or disappointed with your results then make these few changes and take your keto to the next level.

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