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3 Ways to Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Healthy blood sugar and being insulin sensitive is crucial to your overall health. So how can you best control your blood sugar and keep it normal?

1) Keep your carbs very low. If you regularly have blood sugar between 100-180 you can probably get away with up to 50g total carbs per day. However, if you regularly have blood sugar upwards of 180 your best line of defense is keeping your carbs at 20g or less per day. Be mindful of the types of carbs you eat as well. Avoid sugar, grains, and high carb veggies. Stay away from high glycemic fruits, processed convenience foods, and low carb desserts.

2) Incorporate intermittent fasting of 16 or more hours per day. A fasting protocol will help reduce your insulin levels, release stored glucose, increase ketones, diminish appetite, and you may experience increased mental clarity.

3) Exercise. Any exercise is better than none. Movement will help you clear glucose from your system. Consistently moving your body is good for achieving a healthy blood sugar. If you currently don’t exercise then start small with 3-5 days of 10-20 minutes of an activity you enjoy.

Any of these alone should help you find improvements, but regularly following all three will deliver optimal results.


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