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4 Ways to Break a Stall

Sometimes it’s just a small tweak that will make a difference in your progress.

1- If you’ve been counting net carbs, switch to counting total carbs. this is the number one reason people stall, because they are indulging in “net carb“ products like Atkins bars and shakes etc. Regardless of what the label says, they can impact your blood glucose and insulin.

2- Drop all sweeteners. Sweeteners cannot only impact your glucose and/or insulin depending on which sweetener you’re using, but also they can unnecessarily increase your appetite. Many people report that once they cut sweeteners their appetite diminishes.

3- Cut out nuts, nut flours, and nut butters. The biggest problem with these are that people struggle to control their portions. A single serving of any of these is not a big deal, but people rarely have a single serving

4- Change your fasting routine. If your fasting routine is the same day in and day out then mix it up. If you currently skip breakfast then flip your window to eat breakfast and lunch, but skip dinner. Or try doing one or two 36 hour fasts a week instead of just daily Intermittent Fasting.

I highly recommend only implementing one change at a time and give it 30 days to see what results it yields. It is a process that requires patience, but your journey isn't a race anyway. If you have tried all of those unsuccessfully you may want to see your practitioner to make sure nothing medical is going on or you may want to work closely with a coach who can be an objective set of eyes and help you set up a individualized protocol just for you.

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