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5 Fasting Mistakes

Fasting isn’t hard, but it’s easy to mess up!

Here’s some mistakes you can avoid.

1- Jumping in to long fasts too soon. Start with a circadian rhythm (12-14 hours) fast and work your way up. Also, be aware that extended fasting isn’t for everyone. Just because your favorite influencer fasted for 7 days doesn’t mean you should.

2- Eating too much in your eating window. You don’t need to eat more in preparation for fast nor do you need to make up for not eating after a fast. Eat an adequate amount of food in your eating window. Too little food combined with fasting leads to down regulated metabolism and too much eating between fasting yields you little to no results.

3- Not staying hydrated. Make sure you are drinking water when you’re not eating. But be reasonable, don’t overdrink water and flush out your electrolytes either.

4- Ignoring electrolytes. If you get a headache or feel fatigued when you’re fasting your first line of defense should be salt. You should also still take your magnesium supplement before bedtime.

5- Drinking zero calorie yet sweetened waters or teas during fast. Sweeteners can interrupt fasting benefits and cause cravings which make fasting harder to do.

Next time you fast check to make sure you’re not making these common mistakes.

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