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6 Reasons You Gained Weight Overnight

Have you ever stepped on the scale and been up 2 or 3 pounds from the day before? I know it can be so frustrating but there’s some reasons that could be happening and it has nothing to do with fat gain.

1- Stress. Chronic persistent stress can throw your hormones out of whack and result in weight gain. If you learn to manage your stress you can mitigate the gain.

2- You didn’t sleep well. Not getting regular, consistent, quality sleep can affect hormones, cause us to hang onto water and as a result the scale goes up.

3- Your period is coming. Our uterus nearly doubles in size when we are due to start our cycle. This is normal and it’s not a gain we need to be concerned with.

4- You’ve increased your carbs. Carbs in an amount more than our body can tolerate can definitely result in some temporary water weight. Consistently over eating carbs can result in a fat gain of course, but if you had a day were you eat a lot more carbs than normal you can expect the scale to be up the next day especially if you are usually very low carb.

5- You ate late. Eating late in the evening and close to bedtime can affect the scale in the morning simply from the volume of food that’s still in your stomach. Either don’t eat late or don’t weigh yourself the next morning after eating late.

6- You had a hard workout. You can definitely retain water from a hard workout. Don’t weigh yourself the day after a hard work out if seeing the temporary gain causes you stress.

Remember, not every gain reflected on the scale means that you gained fat. Often times it’s temporary water and inflammation from a less than optimal choice.

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