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7 Tips for Aging Backwards

Would you like the recipe for aging backwards? These tips might be your fountain of youth!

1- Reject the government dietary guidelines. Following their guidelines will age you rapidly and deteriorate your health because they recommend inflammatory foods and oils. When it comes to what you eat, if the government says don’t do it, do it!! If they say do it, don’t do it!

2- Eat only real food. Real food comes from the animal and the earth. If it’s packaged and has ingredients that aren’t whole foods then avoid it. Real food, especially animal proteins and fats, are nutrient dense with nutrients bio available to our human bodies.

3- Get your mind right. Unlearn the garbage info that has not served you well. Believe you can get healthy. Believe you can change. Your success starts and ends in your mind.

4- Limit or eliminate alcohol. There’s no such thing as keto friendly alcohol. There is alcohol that doesn’t have carbs, but alcohol is a macro and your body has to stop burning glucose or fat in order to burn off alcohol. So it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have carbs, alcohol disrupts the fat burning process. Regular consumption of alcohol contributes to glycation of the cells and will make you look older.

5- Take walks outside. Fresh air and sunlight on your eyeballs does a body good. Walking is not only good for normalizing blood sugar which helps keep you looking younger, but it also gets you outside where you can soak up some vitamin D.

6- Salt your food and take a magnesium supplement. People don’t use enough salt because they’re still generally under the impression that it’s bad for us. Our society as a whole is overwhelmingly deficient in magnesium so taking some before bed at night not only helps relax your muscles and improve your sleep but magnesium also helps regulate your blood sugar and insulin. Not to be a broken record, but if you have normal blood sugar then there’s not enough sugar in your body to make you look older.

7- Drink water. Water is life. Being well hydrated contributes to our overall health.

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