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7 Tips for Healthy Low Carb Eating

  1. Meal prep to avoid making bad decisions on the fly. Not everyone is cut out for meal prepping, but if you’ve never tried it you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. If you’re someone who gets easily bored eating the same thing over and over then I wouldn’t prep more than three days of the same meal. I would suggest doing an assortment so that you don’t have to eat the same meal multiple days in a row.

  2. Keep carbs low and make good carb choices (like veggies over cookies!) Just for the record, carbs aren’t necessary at all, but if you’re going to eat them stick with real whole food carbs like non-starchy vegetables, green leafy veggies, and fairly unsweet fruits like olives, avocado, lemon, lime, and tomato. Sweet berries can be an option occasionally if you don’t struggle with portion control or insulin resistance.

  3. Don’t eat too frequently. It’s okay to skip a meal if you are not hungry! It’s disordered to eat if you’re not hungry. Make sure the reason you’re eating is out of true hunger not because of the time on a clock, an event where you feel obligated to eat, or simply out of boredom.

  4. Don’t snack! Focus on nutrient dense satiating meals. Snacking was invented by the processed food industry and is not optimal eating behavior. Make sure that your meals are well formulated low carb/keto meals that include foods that satiate you well.

  5. Prioritize healthy fats and protein! Getting adequate protein and fats is top priority. We don’t need carbs and we don’t need to be in an extreme caloric deficit. Choose foods with naturally occurring fat and lots of vitamins and nutrients – i.e. animal foods.

  6. Chew your food, don’t drink it. and if you are going to drink it pretend like you’re chewing! That’s not a joke – chewing is part of the digestive process and if you’re drinking a lot of calories it’s confusing to your body.

  7. Eat only REAL FOOD. Packaged processed foods are not real food, they are food like substances. There’s lots of well documented evidence that processed foods are not ideal for the human body. Focus on you eating real, whole, foods.

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