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7 Years Keto

Today is my 7 year Ketoversary. 7 years of abstaining from sugar and grains and carb binges. 7 years of freedom from the hell of addiction.

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t just a physical transformation. A complete paradigm shift was required. I went from a mindset of

-believing fat made me fat

-severe caloric restriction was the answer

-daily cardio was required

-being hungry was just part of the weight loss process

-calories were all that mattered

-it would always be hard

-I would always be diabetic and probably die from it

-I would always be fat and I should just accept it

-getting sick as I aged was normal

I discovered none of those things were true. When I realized it I became pretty darn angry at the main stream nutrition and medical communities. While I’m sure the intentions were good, listening to the advice and guidelines of those well intended people almost killed me.

I knew I had an eating disorder and I knew it started as a teenager maybe even before. Following a ketogenic lifestyle not only turned my health around, but it gave me the mental wherewithal that I needed to finally get into true recovery from my disordered relationship with food. Each year is better than the last, and what I know is that I will never arrive and that I will always need to be cognizant of my ED. I cannot get grandiose and let my guard down and fall into the trap of “you only live once” or “it’s just one bite” - I know those lies would be the beginning of the end for me. To some that sounds like a terrible way to live, but for me it is true freedom to know what my boundaries are. I am so grateful for everything I’ve learned the last 7 years about my body, nutrition, and healthy mindset. I can’t fathom going backwards. I am blessed that I get to eat the way I eat and have the life that I have now.

I am free from the obsession with food, I no longer suffer from the health problems I had due to the way I ate, I have more energy and mental clarity than I ever did, and I get to focus on the parts of life that bring me joy and have nothing to do with food. I’m truly living instead of just surviving.

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