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Develop A Fitness Mindset

-Be consistent. Dump that all or nothing mentality. Consistently doing a little always trumps inconsistent intensity.

-Don’t give the scale too much power! The scale is just one tool in the toolbox; it is not the only way to measure your success. Our weight fluctuates. Accept that and never let an uptick break your day.

-Stop comparing yourself. It’s fine to admire others or be inspired by them, but do not compare yourself to other people. Our journeys are all different and our circumstances have effects on our outcomes. Comparison is the thief of joy.

-Keep your eye on the prize. Play to the big picture. Don’t look for magic pills and quick fixes. There are no shortcuts to success. Patience and time is what it takes.

-Discipline matters. Stop thinking that motivation is what you need. It’s not. When we take action, motivation usually follows, it’s not the other way around. Start doing and you will find motivation. Discipline is doing what you need to do even when you don’t feel like it. Make that commitment and keep it.

-Always have a plan! You cannot wing it.-Be okay with being uncomfortable. Nothing happens in the comfort zone. No growth occurs when you remain there. Any goal worth reaching is worth working for and it’s not gonna be all rainbows and unicorns.

-Hold yourself accountable. Don’t make excuses. Don’t buy your own BS. If you need an accountability partner such as a coach, trainer or an app etc. do whatever it takes.

-Always be grateful. Do you not focus on things you don’t have or can’t do. Do not tear yourself down. Focus on all the good in your life, what you are capable of, and be thankful for any and all progress you make.

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