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We all have a voice of sabotage Every one of us. Some of us have one louder than others at different points in our life, but it’s always lurking.

Most of us develop our voice of sabotage as kids in response to our environment.

This voice holds us back. It sabotages us. It cripples us with fear. It keeps us from making progress and changes. It brings us to our knees. It keeps us off our game and holds us prisoner to a life we say we don’t want.

1. The voice of sabotage is the voice of impossibility and says:

-You can’t stay on plan because you are weak.

-You can’t recover

2. It is also the voice of negativity!

-You are just meant to be fat, out of shape etc

-It’s too late to change

We are stuck for life with this voice we have, but that does not mean it has to be in charge.

The goal is to MANAGE the voice and take your power back. We must learn to spot immediately when the voice is speaking to us. What we know is that voice speaks to us when we are in a danger zone and that voice is also:


Sending us back to the comfort zone where we don’t grow or change

Take your power back by knowing that your voice is NOT the voice of sabotage. Your voice is the one that desires change, growth, health, freedom and happiness.

Speak the truth to the voice of sabotage to shut down its lies.

Fight that voice and continue on with your recovery. Our voice is STRONGER, WISER and KNOWS BETTER than our voice of sabotage.


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