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Eat Less, Move More??

Originally posted March 2019

I’ve posted this before, but felt it needed to be said again.

How many times have we heard this horrid advice? It's actually pretty damn insulting advice if you want to know how I really feel about it. Do people really think that it never occurred to us to do that? I know there has been hundreds of times where I've started over and over trying to follow the eat less move more advice.

If only it were as simple as that. How about, "everything in moderation"as if we didn't think of that either.

People that spout off that advice or believe it to be true are out of touch with the reality of addiction and that it exists. People battling obesity and all the bad things that goes with it, first and foremost are dealing with addiction-most likely sugar, but also food as a whole because when we eat the wrong types of food for our metabolic condition we just feel compelled to continue eating and we eat the wrong things.

Changing to a ketogenic way eating is half the battle. The other half is getting our mind right and coming to the place of acceptance that we will never be normal. Just like the alcoholic who can't be a social drinker, we can't be social carb/sugar eaters. We need to stick to the way of eating that treats us most favorably. For me, and for millions of others that means going extremely low carb and eliminating sugar and grains from our diet. Sugar and grains are inflammatory, addicting, and craving inducing.

Next time someone tells you it's all about calories in and calories out/eat less and move more or just eating everything in moderation-I encourage you to fight back with the truth. When people say that I call them out. Do I look stupid? Why didn't I ever think of those things? I let them know that as well-intentioned as they are, they are wrong, and that it is actually MEAN to tell an obese person to just eat less and move more as if that is the simple solution. It's much more complex than that and those of us that have lived it know the truth.

Stand up for yourself and stand up for all the other struggling people in the world who get this horrible advice day in and day out from people who have no idea what it's like to struggle with food addiction.

I had a client once tell me while she was in the throes of a binge fest, "I feel like I'm drowning." I can totally relate to what she was saying because that is what it feels like-you're trying so hard to get to the surface and to breathe and feel normal but you just keep getting pulled under. When I saw this meme I thought of her and sadly she is still struggling and has gained a lot of weight back. Partially because she believes that her problem is just a matter of willpower. Our problem is not willpower, our problem is addiction and once we face that and accept that, only then can we turn things around and be free.

It' okay if you need guidance, accountability, someone in your corner to reach out to.

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