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Food Addiction & Recovery Group

It’s not just as simple as “eat only meat“ or “just do keto.” The root problem is not the food, it’s what we believe the food will do for us. Just eliminating certain things from our diet is not enough, it’s most certainly a key component, but it’s not going to address the root issue of why we abuse food. Even if we’re eating only keto friendly foods or only meat we can still have a dysfunctional disordered relationship with food. Many Keto/carnivore people still eat when they’re not hungry, they still obsess over their body, are still obsessed with numbers (the scale, Ketones, macros, clothing size), when they will eat next, clinging to dogma and dogmatic diet behaviors with food, etc.

I see many well-meaning, good intentioned people talking about carb addiction and while carb addiction is definitely real, food addiction in general is just as real and people are perfectly capable of over eating food and compulsively eating food that are not carbohydrates because no matter what anybody says there’s an emotional component and simply removing carbs from the diet is not enough to fix that.

@coachjessyca and I are about to begin our 28th food addiction and recovery group this Sunday 9/20 and we still have a handful of spaces left. If you have been doing keto/carnivore and you still don’t feel the freedom you had hoped to feel then consider joining us to acquire the tools of real food freedom.

This is not a how to keto/carnivore group. We are going to teach you the steps and the process to pursue lifelong food sobriety. We will also teach you how to practically apply those steps to your life and all the situations that have historically tripped you up. We’re going to address numbers obsession, dealing with naysayers, food pushers, social situations, danger zones/triggers, the stages of grief, your circle of influence, and so much more.

At the end of the eight weeks you will have the tools you need to pursue a life of food sobriety and true food freedom.

Sign up here:

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