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Four Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto

  1. You might not actually be keto. You might be following a “Pinterest“ version of keto that’s including grains and sugar. If you’re eating low-carb tortillas that are made with wheat/gluten then you’re just eating low-carb. Wheat is not keto friendly. (and that includes the precious beloved Aldi’s bread- here’s me rolling my eyes about that!!) And the haters can come at me all freaking day about how there are no “keto foods” but it’ll fall on deaf ears. If you’re eating wheat – stop it. It’s inflammatory and it’s going to hinder your progress eventually.

  2. You use keto sweeteners every day. I know, I know, but there is 0 cal and thery are a zero on the glycemic index. So? Ever hear of insulin? CPIR is a real thing. When you put something sweet in your mouth your brain registers it as sugar even though it’s not. Your body does what it supposed to and secretes insulin to bring down the blood sugar that is raised by eating sugar, but when you’re not eating sugar there’s no high blood sugar for the insulin to bring down so then you just have more insulin floating in your system. If you’re severely insulin resistant, then using keto friendly sweeteners every day is not serving you well. Just because something is allowed, doesn’t mean it’s beneficial.

  3. Eating between meals. If you are eating nutrient dense meals that are adequate in protein and high in satiating saturated fats then you should not be needing to eat between meals. Most people do not snack because they’re hungry, they snack because they’re bored. If you’re eating between meals this could hinder your weight loss. If you’re eating between meals because you do feel hungry then your meals aren’t nutrient and calorically dense enough. Eat more at meal time.

  4. You’re using the wrong kinds of fats. The best fats to eat on keto are saturated fats. Eat fatty proteins, use real butter, duck fat, beef tallow, bacon grease – those are the right kinds of fats. You could also use some plant fats like coconut oil, avocado oil and extra-virgin olive oil, but you have to be careful with avocado and olive oil because companies will take shortcuts and cut them with vegetable oils which makes them not healthy. So I would just stick with animal fats.

I’m a huge fan of experimenting so if you’re not losing and you’re committing any of the keto mistakes above then pick one to eliminate and see what happens.

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