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Haters Gonna Hate

Originally posted December 2017


Yesterday I got these comments on Instagram-interestingly enough when I clicked on the profile name they had zero posts, zero followers and was not following anyone either. Which means someone went out of their way to create an account just so they could harass me and make me these accusations. I'm slightly amused by that, but on the other hand I feel sorry for them because clearly they're miserable.

I responded to the first comment that I have not had any surgery and she came back with the second comment. Originally I bothered to reply but then I just blocked her and deleted it all because I don't owe anyone any explanations for anything. I've always been open honest about my journey and I have been very straightforward about the fact that I do want a tummy tuck one day.

Not that I have to defend myself but I've had a bra since the third grade so there's been no boob job here. I've never had liposuction or gastric bypass. As you can see from the pictures-if I had any of those things I should get a refund because without a bra my boobs travel way south, I have an apron of skin that you can see in that side view and I have wrinkly loose skin on my entire abdominal area.

The bottom line is this woman or a guy for that matter I don't know-has not been able to have their own success so in their mind what I have done must not be possible without surgery. I share my story to bring people hope because I lost the weight and have sculpted my body to what it is so far by changing my diet and by bringing my butt to the gym.

I'm sorry if people can't believe it, it's not my job to make people believe it-I do what I do because I love to help others crawl out of the pit of despair. I want them to know that there is freedom and that they do not have to suffer by staying on the roller coaster of sugar/food addiction. You don't have to have surgery to lose weight, to look good etc. I will not apologize that I have learned how to dress for my body shape-I think every woman should wear clothes that make her feel and look her best.

If and when I get a tummy tuck you can be sure I will be sharing the experience from start to finish. I have nothing to hide. #KetoForLife

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