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Holiday Hangover

Another holiday season has come and gone and it's my hope this morning that there are more of you without regrets than with regrets.

I have no regrets for 7 holiday seasons in a row now. Everything I made for our Christmas Eve celebration was keto compliant. Guess what? There were people at my table who were not Keto, but they were at my house and they ate what I served - not everyone ate everything, but there was something for everyone to enjoy.

If you are one of the people who "didn't survive" the holiday season by remaining on plan then today is the day-not January 1st. Today. Now.

Even if you've already started today out "bad" that doesn't mean the rest of the day has to go that direction-start where you are right this second. There's no excuse to wait. No amount of research, or more preparation etc. is going to make a difference. There are foods in your house that are more than likely keto compliant. Focus on those, not the things that aren't.

I hope that those of you that went off the rails or went off plan experience repercussions that motivate you and drive you. I know that can sounds mean, but I hope you feel something that motivates you to change and to start searching for freedom from ED. I say that in the hopes that those awful feelings and physical repercussions will make you see - that they will be yet another sign/wake up call that your body is intolerant to crap food. I hope that this is the last time you need to experience that and the last time and you need to "get" the lesson.

I also hope that you get right back on plan and that the struggle to get back on plan isn't as hard as it may have been in the past for you-I want you to experience the same freedom that I experience and that the rest of our coaching team experiences and that the entire team at Ketogenie Lifestyle Coaching experiences. I want you to overcome your obsession with food and become laser focused on turning your health and mindset around. It is my hope that from this moment forward no beautiful decadent looking dessert or meal that isn't compliant, no pushy relative, no belief that ED convinced you of will derail you ever again. I hope that you get through this next stage of withdrawl and that you feel so amazing that you will never entertain a thought of sacrificing you good sobriety again.

#KetoForLife #KetoIsHealth

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