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How To Stop Nighttime Eating

1- Journal your eating habits. It can be helpful to understand why you’re eating in the evening. Ask yourself if you’re eating out of hunger or is there some emotion or feeling that you are trying to soothe? Are you bored and looking for entertainment? Are you rewarding yourself for something?

2- Eat enough during the day. If you avoid under eating and eat only nutrient dense foods during the day you may be less likely to want to indulge in the evening.

3- Eat only in the kitchen. When you eat while doing other activities or in front of the TV you’re easily distracted. Sit at the table and leisurely enjoy your meal, savoring the flavors and thinking about how it’s nourishing your body. Multitasking can definitely can be helpful, but not when eating.

4- Exercise regularly. When we regularly move our body it can help to facilitate a deeper sleep and better relaxation in the evening.

Is there anything on this list that you don’t do that you could start incorporating? Answer YES or NO 👇🏻👇🏻

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