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Is candy the boss of you?

I originally wrote this on Valentines Day 2017 and it bears repeating. This is now my 7th Keto Valentines Day.


Today is my third keto Valentine's Day. You know what I'm going to eat today? Not candy.

Today is just like any other day. Valentine's Day is no reason to cheat, go off plan, wreck your progress. There's nothing magical or special about the candy that comes in heart-shaped boxes. There's nothing magical about the cupcakes at your office with the pretty pink frosting. It's all poison and none of it will do you any favors.

Keep your mind right today. Think about what you want long-term-do you want weight loss and optimal health? Or do you want the temporary satisfaction of that sugary taste in your mouth and the guilt that's going to go along with it? Don't do it. Don't listen to people who tell you, "oh just live a little"-you know how you're going to live a little? No, in fact you know how you're going to go live a lot? You are going to "treat yourself" to good health, smaller pants size, and a sense of accomplishment.

I didn't get the results that I have by cheating. I have the results I have because I have remained committed. If you're a chronic cheater and you allow yourself to make excuses on days like today then don't complain about your results or lack thereof. Get serious about your health and your goals and stay on plan.

I mean really, are you going to let a heart shaped box or some pretty colorful "treats" to be the boss of you? I don't think so. They hold no power. They are meaningless and useless and have no place in your life.


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