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Keto Lies

Have you heard these lies before??

Lie: Keto isn’t sustainable.

Truth: A proper real food ketogenic diet is sustainable. What’s not sustainable is an indefinite caloric deficit, low protein, or low fat.

Lie: High fat is unhealthy.

Truth: Context matters. A diet high in the right fats in the absence of carbohydrates is very healthy. The body and especially the brain thrives on fat.

Lie: Keto is too restrictive.

Truth: In regard to food - there are lots of foods that can be part of a ketogenic lifestyle - just not junk food. Real restriction is fat pants, fatigue, lack of self-confidence, diabetes, high blood pressure, psoriasis, sleep apnea, and a host of other ailments that can be improved by eating a diet of real whole foods with healthy fats. 

Lie: Keto will give you heart disease.

Truth: Sugar and excessive carbohydrate intake will give you heart disease. Of course that’s the simplified answer, but it’s the main contributor.

Lie: Keto is dangerous long term.

Truth: What people are really saying when they say this is that “real food“ is dangerous long-term. Obviously that’s ridiculous. Ketosis is a natural state that we are all born in and eating real food in a way that improves our health and helps us maintain a stable body weight is not dangerous.

Next time someone throws one of these lies at you, including your own voice of sabotage, now you have the answer to throw back.

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