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Looking Back

#flashbackfriday to that day I woke up at 260 pounds and a blood sugar close to that number.

I’m often asked “what changed?“ And to be honest I don’t know what made that day any different from all the other days that I started over, but I do know that several days later I was introduced to the word “keto“ for the first time and I believe that is what kept me going.

Once I started eating fat in the absence of carbs I felt satisfied for the first time ever while on a diet. Yes, it started out as a diet for me but it didn’t take me long to figure out that this was something I could do forever. I felt such relief from eating high fat and I didn’t want to let that go.

As a recovering binge eater and compulsive eater eating high fat is what kept me satisfied and calmed my brain down. For the first time ever I had mental clarity and it gave me the wherewithal to address the root causes of my disordered relationship with food. I don’t know why eating fat has become so controversial in the keto community but I’ll be honest it pisses me off when people say, “if you have fat on your body you don’t need that on your plate.“ If I had followed that “rule“ I would not be where I am today I would still be struggling. It is not true that you can’t lose weight if you eat high fat. Let the dogma die!! If it were true I never would’ve lost over 100 pounds.

6 1/2 years later I do not consider myself arrived – I am still on the journey learning more about myself every day. One thing I do know is that I never want to return to who I was 6 1/2 years ago. I am a better version of myself and every day I strive to be better than the person I was yesterday.

if you’re doing keto and trying to be in an extreme caloric deficit and avoiding plate fat, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you want to be free from suffering from hunger and feeling like you’re on a diet, it’s going to start with eating some healthy fat.

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