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No 7 Year Itch Here

So far I have been ketogenic for over 7 years. It's been an amazing and interesting seven years. I have learned and unlearned so much.

I had to unlearn the diet dogma that I believed and tried to apply over and over my 18 years of obesity. I learned that I have been lied to and that everything that I thought I was supposed to do was not helping me. All the years I tried to "eat less and move more" were super frustrating because I could only eat less and move more for short periods of time before I would dive headfirst into a binge due to feeling like I was starving to death.

How ridiculous is it that a 260 pound person can feel like they're starving? I can guarantee you it was not in my head. I felt physical discomfort and compulsion to eat. It was a roller coaster I stayed on for years.

I'm so thankful that I have learned the truth-the first truth is that I wasn't crazy, that I did feel constant "hunger." Even though I was obese I was not nourished - my body was starved for nutrients which you don't get when you're eating a high carb diet. The body is so out of whack and in survival mode trying to get rid of all the poison (excess carbs) that there's just no way I could have known what true hunger was. The other truth was that the body thrives on things I believed to be unhealthy but really aren't.

Thanks to a ketogenic way of eating I now know true hunger and it is an amazing freedom. I no longer feel constant hunger or cravings. I am not constantly thinking about what I'm going to eat next, what the next meal is etc. I am free from that and able to focus on other things and spend my time on things other than preparing food, looking for food and eating food.

If you have not taken that step yet to turn your health around and to lose the weight you've been wanting to lose for years-stop waiting. Keto means freedom and will allow you to have the health and body you dream of. Keto is not one of those white knuckle fad diets-it's satisfying and satiating. It will allow you to be your best you in so many ways. Not only am I now a healthy person, I am a normal stable weight, my cognitive function is better, I'm happier, my skin is better, my hair is thick and healthy, and my general overall mood is calm. I have keto to thank for all of those things. I now know that this is the way I was meant to eat and the way I was meant to live.

You have nothing to lose except weight and lots of amazing experiences to gain by giving it a try. A real try, not for a few days or a few weeks-give it a good six months being faithful and committed and I would be shocked if you'd ever look back.


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