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Normal vs Common

One of my pet peeves is when people say things like:

“It’s normal to gain weight as you get older.“

“It’s normal for our blood pressure to increase as we get older.“

“It’s normal to eat your feelings!”

“It’s normal to eat unhealthy on vacation. You have to experience the food!”

Let’s have the right perspective.

It is not normal to become fat as we age simply because we are older.

It’s not normal for our blood pressure to rise or our blood sugar to rise simply because we’re older.

It’s not normal to eat a whole gallon of ice cream, a whole Domino’s Pizza, or a whole package of cookies or chips because you are emotional.

It’s not normal to eat like crap on a vacation just because your location has changed.

None of those things are normal, they are just very common. There’s a big difference between normal and common. Something being common doesn’t mean it’s healthy or okay to do.

We need to stop justifying unhealthy behaviors just because so many people engage in them. If we want to experience true food freedom and live a life of food sobriety with good health, no guilt, and feeling victorious about our choices, we have to focus on what’s best for us instead of looking at what other people do and mimicking it.

We also have to stop blowing whichever way the wind blows. I have worked with hundreds of people and I can’t tell you how many of them want to change something every week because of so-and-so they saw on social media doing something. I can’t tell you how many people use the most benign of circumstances to justify disordered behavior with food.

It’s time to leave the common camp and learn what normal REALLY is.


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