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Rant Alert!!


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a rant about the misinformation perpetuated in the diet/nutrition/keto/carnivore community regarding blood sugar.

First let me be clear about my position on the American Diabetes Association – they are corrupt to the core. The guidelines and advice that they offer heavily leans in favor of the pharmaceutical companies and the food industry which they are beholden to for their funds.

Has the ADA recently added the info that a low carbohydrate diet *may* be beneficial? Yes, they have and that can be considered a step in the right direction, but it’s at the bottom of the list and it comes off as if “Eh, this is a last resort if the other guidelines don’t work.”

So, regarding blood sugar - I see countless people in the community that use the numbers that the ADA puts out in regards to what is considered good and acceptable blood sugar. The number most often batted around is 140. Let me be clear, that a regular/frequent blood sugar of 140 is not in the realm of good or decent - period end of story. Having an average blood sugar of 140 is an A1c of 6.1 which is “diabetes.” The ADA thinks this is great! It’s great that you have Diabetes!

Stop saying a blood sugar of 140 is “good.” It’s not. A normal and healthy blood sugar is between 70–100 whether it is in the morning when you wake up, before or after eating – that’s a normal blood sugar to maintain. Yet, I see people talking about what is an acceptable spike after eating and too many people promote the idea of “After your meal as long as it’s 140 or less you’re good!” NO! If your blood sugar before eating was 85 and afterwards it’s 140 you ate something you should not eat.

High blood sugar on a regular basis is toxic to the body. Getting a temporary spike from activity/exercise, situational stress, illness, or hormones is normal and your body is only seeing that number for a moment in time. It’s regular, chronic, high blood sugar and high blood sugar two hours after a meal that we need to be concerned about.

Stop using bad info of a corrupt association that doesn’t care if you ever heal from diabetes, as your goal post.

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