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Sharing Your Before/After is Not Body Shaming!

Originally posted January 2020

I saw a post yesterday from someone railing against people who post before and after pictures and then use eating disorder hashtags. Basically it was a hater post from someone who is likely still neck deep in their addiction and still hasn’t experienced true recovery.

It was sad. I don’t post my before and after to get compliments - I use it to draw attention to my message which is “You don’t have to suffer. You can get well.”

The idea that sharing a transformation pic is body shaming others is damn ridiculous. We don’t have to dim our light, downplay our accomplishments or be self deprecating so others can shine or feel better about themselves.

When someone is successful one of the kindest things they can do is share HOW they did what they did. The top question I get asked is, “How did you do it?” They don’t mean what diet did I follow, they mean how did I stop bingeing.

I stopped bingeing because first and foremost I acknowledged what most eating disorder treatment programs and professionals don’t and that is that I would never be a moderator. I accepted that. I stopped listening to people who never themselves suffered from food addiction or obesity. I also recognized that all foods don’t fit and the idea that there are “no bad foods” WAS STUPID. There are lots of foods that are BAD FOR ME. There is nothing disordered about eliminating things from my life that are bad for me.

When I share my story I’m not saying that my way is the only way or the best way for you, but it was the only way and the best way for me or I wouldn’t be in the great place that I am.

Share your pics and share your story without shame!!

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