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Sorry, Not Sorry

I was going to do a post this week that I have done the last several years around the holidays. However, this morning I decided I’m going to make a post that looks like many others out there this morning, but with a different meaning behind it…..the “no regrets” and “sorry not sorry” posts we will see today and for the next week or so. I’m also #sorrynotsorry and #noregrets this morning.

Today I am 8 years 9 months 23 days food sober.

**WARNING - I stayed food sober and I have NO REGRETS**

#SORRYNOTSORRY but I enjoyed my holiday season and treated myself to staying food sober. I enjoyed every minute of it and I feel no deprivation and no guilt. I have no regrets, no bloat, no weight gain, no out of control high blood sugar, there was no food coma for me, and there was no mental gymnastics to convince myself that I have no regrets for what I did. What I did was TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Because what I did was what I do every day. I stayed committed, made healthy choices, and loved myself by doing so.

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