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The ADA Does Not Care About Us

Originally posted July 2017

Warning! I'm about to rant!! If you're not a fan of my ranting you can stop reading now. Haha

Holy crap will you look at this? Standing in line at the grocery store unloading my keto cart onto the conveyor belt I saw this magazine.

This crap is infuriating.

Listen-no diabetic type one or type two has any business ingesting the ingredients in this recipe. This is just the cover recipe. The magazine was filled with recipes that no diabetics should be eating. The attitude that diabetics can eat anything that anybody else can and cover it with insulin is insane. Why anyone would want to remain on drugs when they don't need to or use high doses of insulin (type 1) when they can keep it more level and steady by following Keto, I'll never understand. To those people I want to ask, "So you would rather have chocolate cake than to be med free and healthy?" That makes no sense to me.

I realize Taste of Home who puts this magazine out really doesn't care about anyone's health, they only care about selling magazines, but they take their directive for these recipes from the American Diabetes Association which is a damn joke! I said it before and I'll say it again-I hope in my lifetime that I get to see the ADA dismantled. It's a shameful organization that's in bed with Big Pharma and they do not care about diabetics. Sure, there may be well meaning people among them but as a whole they suck and they are dangerous. Their advice is what causes type two diabetes to be a progressive disease. There's no reason type two diabetes has to be progressive. Mine is not progressive. Mine has been stopped in its tracks and so can yours.

Instead of taking advice from crap magazines like this and from crap organizations like the ADA follow a keto diet-get rid of the sugar and the high carb diet and get healthy once and for all.

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