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There Are Good and Bad Foods

This is a very unpopular message and every time I talk about it I get downright ugly comments and messages from people who are still drowning in their addiction - they tell me I’m ignorant, they tell me I’m disordered, they tell me I’m dangerous, their vitriol is off the charts. I block them, let it go, and I keep speaking the truth for those who are meant to hear it.

The fact of the matter is that there are foods or rather food like substances that people eat that harm us physically and psychologically.

Most of my life I have eaten foods that harm me. They either harmed my health because I was incapable of eating them in moderation or they harmed me psychologically because I became dependent on them for soothing, comfort, reward, and celebration.

Once I acknowledged that there were indeed foods that were harming me and not serving me well, only then did I find real food freedom. Food freedom for me is not being able to eat whatever I want in moderation - although all of my life that is what I attempted to do. My attempt at moderation never brought me peace. Food freedom for me is abstaining from foods that harm me, foods that don’t make me feel well, foods that do not serve me, do not meet my needs, and food that steals my peace by taking up too much brain space.

It’s not about food being “good“ or “bad“ in a moral way but in a physical way. Peanut are bad for people that have a peanut allergy. It’s not about morality.

Don’t buy into the lie that you are broken or disordered if you abstain instead of attempting to moderate and failing over and over.


Are you ready to get your relationship right with food once and for all? Work with me.

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