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Tools of ED Recovery

There is so much that goes into recovery but here are some basics!

🔥 Don’t try to go it alone. Living with an ED is isolating and part of our recovery is coming out of that isolation and reaching out for help. A therapist or a coach that understands addiction/abstinence - Preferably one that has first-hand experience in the disease and the recovery.

🔥Food - yes, food is a tool of recovery. We must eat. We don’t need to eat everything available, but we owe it to ourselves to eat nutrient dense adequate amounts of food.

🔥Hard work - I know it’s not popular to say, but working hard at our recovery is a must. It’s not going to just come to us, we don’t recover through osmosis, there’s no magic wand. We must do the hard mental and emotional work and yes I know discipline seems to be a dirty word but it does come in to play.

🔥 Self care - if we don’t care for ourselves who will? Self-care can look different for everybody but at its core it means setting boundaries and not feeling bad about prioritizing our own physical and mental health.

🔥 Patience - recovery is a journey there is no destination called “recovered“ and we must be patient with ourselves day after day. Unrealistic expectations and timelines will hinder our recovery.

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