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Top 5 Keto Best Practices

Did you know there are some very specific things you can do to make sure you’re getting optimal results from your keto diet? Here are my top five keto best practices for you to get optimal results.

1- Count total carbs not net carbs. Net carbs becomes a game especially when it comes to keto products. When you keep your carbs low, your food real, and count total carbs you’re going to get a good response.

2- Don’t feel like you have to add gobs of dietary fat to your plate. Gravitate towards naturally fatty foods such as ribeye, Chuck eye, fatty ground beef, salmon, avocado - you don’t have to add loads of butter to everything. Now of course the amount of fat you eat depends on the goals that you have but in general fat will help keep you satiated and you can fluctuate the amount you need up and down.

3- Don’t under eat protein. A lot of people make this mistake. No grown human being should be eating less than 100 g of protein per day if you are doing that change it right away. The older we are the more protein we need.

4- Do some sort of intermittent fasting. Start with 12 hours and work your way up to 16 or 18 so that you get all of your food in a eight or six hour window. Fasting gives your insulin and your glucose a break and there’s lots of benefits to that break. More on fasting coming soon!

5- Exercise. Do some sort of exercise daily. If you’re sedentary now just start with short walks. The optimal time for you to go walking is after you’ve eaten, but if your schedule doesn’t allow for that just walk any time that you can. Some exercise is better than none. The best exercise you can do is lifting weights. That said, start where you are. Start small so you don’t burn yourself out or get overwhelmed.

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