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Type 2 Diabetes Is Treated All Wrong

I was diagnosed T2D in 2008. Back then I didn’t know any better so I listened (tried to anyway in light of my food addiction) to my doctor and the diabetic nutritionist.

I ate 45-60 carbs per meal. I ate two snacks a day of 15-30 carbs each.

I ate:

Special K cereal

Corn Flakes



Whole grain English muffins

Rice cakes with fat free cream cheese

Weight Watchers 40 calorie bread with fat free zero calorie spray butter

Bananas and fat free cool whip

Chicken breast and rice

Rice and beans

My blood sugar did not get better and I was starving all the time and because of that I could only go so long before giving in to my urge to binge. It was a vicious cycle.

Thank goodness I discovered the answer was real food, healthy fats and no grains and no sugar - aka keto/lchf. It saved me. I’m not alone, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions at this point like me who discovered the same thing and yet the so-called experts are still recommending a shit diet. It’s criminal. It’s malpractice. I dare say it’s evil. Evil because they cannot pretend they don’t know. But they cling to their BS ways because if they don’t then they have to admit that they were wrong and that they did incredible harm upto and including death to millions of people.

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