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Food Addicts are Not Moderators

“It’s real simple, eat everything in moderation.”

This works for people who have a normal relationship with food, it doesn’t for people who don’t. Food/sugar addicts, “emotional eaters,“ and people with eating disorders are incapable of sustaining moderation.

We’ve all done this temporarily when we’re on a diet, but inevitably that moderation goes away for a binge, for a cheat meal that turns into a day, a weekend and for many weeks or months of being “off the wagon.“

Many people get away with the “moderation“ for a while but what starts out as once a month becomes twice a month and then every weekend and eventually comes back to daily destructive behavior with food and regaining of weight. We see it on SM everyday.

99% is a bitch, 100% is a breeze. There are moderators and there are abstainers. Moderators typically don’t have a weight problem or diseases that stemmed from their eating. My husband is a moderator and he has been his entire life and it’s one thing I could never relate to.

I’m incapable of moderation when it comes to carbs. One cookie was too many and 10 was never enough. When it comes to sugar and grains, I need to treat them the way an alcoholic treats his alcoholism and the way a drug addict treats his drug addiction.

Until I learned this and actually accepted it I was dying of addiction. So many years I kept trying to moderate -via all the diets-namely calorie restriction. I could work the snickers bar in my calorie count for a while but ultimately addiction won and my daily sugar habit always returned.

It’s freedom being off that roller coaster, not repeatedly “falling off the wagon” and starting over. Trying to be a moderator is exhausting. Many of you out there are exhausted and you’re starting over on a regular basis-via 100 days of “no cheats” or all the “Keto reset” challenges after a carb bender.

When will it end? It ends with acceptance and the willingness to live without your drug. Period. If the thought of that makes you angry, anxious or sad that’s a sign that it probably applies to you.

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