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What Will You Choose?

Originally posted November 2018

This week is a make or break week for many of you. Many of you will stay stuck in the cycle of addiction by going off plan on Thanksgiving. You will "treat yourself" and you will "live a little" because "it's Thanksgiving."

They are also many of us that are going to stay on the road to recovery because we know how to really treat ourselves and we don't live a little, we live a lot. Thanksgiving, as far as our health, weight and goals are concerned is just like any other day. With all the alternatives out there when it comes to food there is zero excuse why we shouldn't be sticking to Keto on this holiday and every other.

I realize this makes some people angry, especially those who are living in denial about their relationship with food. Are there exceptions? Sure. But we don't build a life on exceptions we build a life on the rules. If you are serious about your health and your goals then you won't use Thanksgiving as an excuse to eat crap food. You will enjoy the delicious goodness that is available keto style and you will wake up Friday morning with no regrets, no gain or bloat from eating carbage, pride in your discipline and a sense of accomplishment.

Do yourself a favor and keep it keto on Thanksgiving. Let’s be honest anyway, when one plans to cheat on Thanksgiving it’s never just the one day it turns into a cheat weekend and then you’re off and on until Christmas rolls around and it’s a repeat of Thanksgiving. Before you know it you’ve arrived at January 1 and now you’re ready to start again. I highly recommend skipping all of that.

This is just one of many of the topics that comes up with my coaching clients-not only how to navigate keto every day, but through the holidays which can be very challenging for many people. Not only is there peer pressure from friends and family but society as a whole. You don't have to stay on the roller coaster and in the cycle of food addiction-a coach can share with you how to push through those things. A coach provides you the tools to change your destructive habits and wrong thinking and strategize with you how to navigate the holiday family get togethers that are centered around food.

Find your freedom this year.

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